Investing In Puerto Rico's Recovery

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Thanks to you, ConPRmetidos has been able to channel close to $600,000 towards Puerto Rico's recovery from the devastating effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

These investments represent a meaningful start to our commitment to the development of a stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico.

As we look ahead into all that still needs to be done for the island and its people, we find comfort in two things:

Your ongoing support and encouragement, which reminds us day in and day out, that Puerto Rico is not alone and has not been forgotten.The never ending stream of innovative ideas, capable doers, and community leaders which together, are taking charge of renovating the island's spirit and forging a we-can-do-it vision of the future.

In 2018, you can be sure ConPRmetidos will continue to identify and support initiatives which prioritize the long-term well-being and capability of Puerto Rico and its citizens.

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#CommittedtoPR Your continued commitment to Puerto Rico is deeply moving; we are humbled by the faith you've placed in ConPRmetidos to help move the island forward.

Like you, thousands of people from all over the world have recognized the unique challenges and unique opportunities existing in Puerto Rico today. This ongoing support has made a very real difference in the lives of hundreds of citizens to date, and will continue to expand outward from there, benefiting thousands before this is all said and done.

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#EmpoweringDoers ConPRmetidos is committed to providing tools and platforms to those who have the ability to positively impact their community. We recently provided an off-grid power generator to an outstanding community organization in Caguas, a small city in the mountainous interior near San Juan, which was seriously affected by the passing of Maria's eye. 

The Centro de Apoyo Mutuo, established soon after the hurricane hit, is an initiative of Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico. The Centro serves nutritious meals to well over a hundred people each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And on Tuesdays, they offer acupuncture clinics to help reduce the toll of stress and physical exhaustion affecting so many across the island.

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#Long-TermRebuilding As part of our commitment to Puerto Rico's sustainable development and renewal, ConPRmetidos is sponsoring a three-month long, targeted, battery-recycling program spearheaded by Basura Cero Puerto Rico in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice of Puerto Rico, and Walgreens of Puerto Rico. The latter two have been critical in activating their employee and customer bases to know of the program, and have each offered space in locations across the island for the placement of battery recycling kiosks.

We strongly believe in the primary environmental protection goal of the program, and equally see it as an important model of how collaborative self-sufficiency across different sectors can work for a better future for Puerto Rico.

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In parts of the island, the need for immediate relief is still present and palpable. However, as other parts of the island progress, it is imperative that projects that contemplate the island's long-term recovery also progress.

This includes, without a doubt, that we take an active role in the conservation of  Puerto Rico's natural resources and human capital. If we do not take care of our environment, we damage our greatest asset: ourselves.

Supporting the battery-recycling project is not about making radical changes; instead it is about creating awareness of responsible ways that Puerto Rico can attack single issues while deepening participatory socio-economic bonds.

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If you are in Puerto Rico, please consider taking your used alkaline batteries  (AAA,AACD and 9 volt) to the nearest recycling station and encourage others to do the same by posting a Facebook "Check-In", sharing the station's location, and using the hashtags #Pontelaspilas #ConPRmetidos.

#DoYourPart ConPRmetidos has always believed that everyone, regardless of their profession or where they are based, can be part of the island's sustainable recovery. Thankfully, local video game company, SRG Studios, has made it easier for people around the world to help Puerto Rico in the easiest and most fun way possible: playing a mobile game!

Relief Road: Puerto Rico is a matching puzzle game that tells the story of the island in its process of rebuilding. While users play, the game generates donations through ads and virtual coins that players can optionally purchase if they want to boost their gameplay or attempt more stages when their "energy" runs out.

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100% of the proceeds from ads and transactions in the game will be donated to ConPRmetidos and to Foundation for Puerto Rico, two non-profit organizations actively working for the island’s sustainable economic recovery. The more you play, the more you help those affected by the recent hurricanes.

You can download the app for free on any mobile device through your phone’s Apple or Android stores and by visiting the game’s official website:

Donate some of your time today and invite others to play!

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If it weren't for you and all the other amazing doers out there who are driving Puerto Rico's recovery, we wouldn't be sharing our stories. 

Now we want to hear yours! 

We invite you to share your hopes for Puerto Rico in 2018 using the#CommittedtoPR #ConPRmetidos hashtags.


Join tens of thousands of people around the world who are actively envisioning a better Puerto Rico.